Start a Profitable Blog

How many ‘How to Start a Blog’ type posts have you read?

They are mostly the same…. Choose your niche, name your blog, buy a domain, get hosting, install WordPress. And then you’re done!

Except of course, you’re not! You still have tons of work to do before you are ready to launch. Let me tell you what comes even after starting a blog. Writing content and them promoting it as well.






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Step 1: Choose your Blog Niche


A niche is a specific blog topic. It can be anything, but I would definitely choose a topic that you are comfortable with and know things about. You can have a blog that talks over several different topics, for instance, my blog is a combination of Budgeting, Making Money, Organization, DIY projects, and kind of a lifestyle blog about me and my family.


  • It’s good for Search Engine Optimisation
  • Your readers are interested in your whole blog
  • You will be known as a professional or expert in your niche
  • Your marketing is focused on your ideal reader

Know who you want your audience should be. What kinds of people will be interested in what you have to say? There are interested people for EVERY niche, I promise. You may just have to work a little harder for some topics more than others.

Step 2: Think of how you will Monetize your Blog

Having some idea now of how you will monetize your blog makes it easier to choose what features and functionality you want and helps make decisions like choosing a Blogging Platform and a Blog Theme or Template.

There are many ways to make money from your Blog, here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Affiliate Marketing: Earn a commission for recommending products or service that your audience need or want
  • Sponsored Posts: Get paid for writing about a Product or Company to help build Brand Awareness
  • Offer services such as a Virtual Assistant
  • Offer Freelance Writing (or other Freelance Services)
  • Sell digital, or physical, products
  • Become a Coach
  • Create a Course
  • Write an e-book

Step 3: Choose hosting

Everyone has a an opinion on which Blogging Platform is best. I, myself will always use and recommend SiteGround.

However, you need to use whichever Blogging platform best suits you and your Blog requirement.

I personally use SiteGround because they are faster, cheaper, and have great customer service.

You can start yours for as low as $3.95/month right here.

Step 4: Name your Blog

Your blog name is important. You don’t want to be stuck with something you’ll hate in a year’s time because changing it is going to be annoying (though not impossible) especially if you’ve built up traffic and SEO credibility.


You Can Use Your Own Name

A lot of people use their own names, especially if they are trying to make a brand themselves about a certain product that they have or line or business that they have.

It creates a personal feel to your brand and gives you the option in the future to make changes to your services without your blog name becoming redundant.

Name it based Off of what you’re Niche is

Really brainstorm and think of catchy names that pertains to what you know about, or what your blog with mainly be about.

Mine is because my family and I are definitely Perfectly Imperfect, but it can be very broad on a wide range of topics if it has to be.

Step 5: Get your Blog set up

SiteGround has a great tutorial on how to set your blog up with WordPress. I would definitely recommend going with WordPress, especially if you are wanting to make your blog profitable. 

WordPress is very easy to use and comes with great themes that you can choose from that are FREE.

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Step 6: Customize your Blog 

Now, the fun part starts. Being able to customize your blog and really make it your own is super fun and I love being able to let my creative funky side out.

WordPress has a wide variety of blog themes that you can download and use for free if you would like. However the free themes I have found to be harder to customize and really get them to look how you want them. BUT if you are on a budget and can’t afford to purchase a theme, then FREE is the way to go. They can be customized and used without problems.

I love Creative Market. They have a ton of WordPress themes that are pretty, and sophisticated. You can check them out here.

Step 7. Start writing great Content and show it off

Now that you have your awesome blog up and running, now is the time to start writing content.

First, I recommend writing an about page, to allow your readers to read who you are and what you’re about. This will let your audience really know who they are getting to know, and later, feel comfortable buying things from, if you choose to monetize.

Make sure that your blog posts are organized, clean, and fulfill a purpose. When I mean fulfill a purpose, I mean, really think about what you think your readers want to read and learn about or know about. Is it something they can benefit from?

Make sure your posts are easy to read and not distracting. Meaning, don’t use fonts that are bulky and hard to read.

Make sure you use proper grammar. If your posts are written poorly, you will come off as not reliable and your readers will not take you seriously.

Start Showing Your Content Off

After you have a great post written, you are ready to show it off.

There are TONS of ways to help get your blog seen. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, they are endless.

Join Facebook groups. You can search your Niche and there will be groups that pop up that you can join. Once joined, this is a great way to see what kinds of things that your target audience are interested in. You can advertise your blog, if they allow, and get some followers.

Pinterest is being called the next Google. People turn to Pinterest for EVERYTHING. One great way to advertise is through Pinterest Groups. You can search your Niche again, and search group boards. When you find a group board you are interested in, read what you have to do in order to be invited to join. Usually it’s a follow, and and email and then bam, you’re part of a group that you can start pinning to and having all those eyes on your post.

Another great tool that I use is Tailwind. This is a pin scheduler that will pin pins that you schedule for you, that way you can get all your pins scheduled and they will be posted on their own, without you having to worry about it. The more you pin, the more you will get recognized. One GREAT way I have found also, is once you are on Tailwaind, there are tailwind tribes that you can join. These are kind of like Pinterest Group boards, but within Tailwind that you can pin to as well. You get double the pins and double the audience. You can learn more about Tailwind and get a free trail HERE.

Step 8. Start an Email list right away

Growing an email list and regularly emailing your subscribers is a brilliant way of connecting with, and ultimately selling to, the members of your audience that are really into you and your blog.

I personally use ConvertKit and I have written a post about why I choose them here.

Having an email list is a essential to a successful blog. Keeping up with them and letting them know when you have valuable content to share is a good way to build a good relationship with them.

Once you are at a point when you are wanting to monetize your blog, marketing through your email list is a good way to earn money.


There you have it. How to start your very own blog. Once you get your blog up and running and start getting a good following, you can start monetizing it however you want. You could start right away with putting ads up or through affiliate marketing.


Resources for you :

SiteGround: Get hosting for as low as $3.95/month

Creative Market: Get awesome themes, fonts, or templates here.

Tailwind: The ultimate pin scheduler to help you gain Pinterest followers and get more blog traffic

ConvertKit: Great email provider, where you can customize great opt-in forms, landing pages, and having an organized way of communicating with your subscribers.

As always, if you found this post useful, please Pin and SHARE it.


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