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Web Hosting

SiteGround is the perfect place to start a blog. Easy set-up, low cost, and they will help with WordPress. There really isn’t anyone else that I’d rather use.

Convertkit is my go to email provider. They are easy to use and have excellent customer service! Sign up and get a month free trial.
Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Tailwind! This has by far made pinning on pinterest the easiest. This is a scheduling tool that you set up and it will pin for you, allowing you more time to do other things. Boost your traffic to your blog, and gain more followers on Pinterest with this handy tool!

Powered by Creative Market

Creative Market– they literally have EVERYTHING for a blogger. They have stock photos, themes for wordpress, fonts, or anything that your blogging heart desires! See what they have to offer.


Interested in monetizing your blog, these are my top affiliates that I use in order to help me.

Shareasale is the biggest affiliate. They have a wide variety of stores that you can use. Just find your favorite store and promote it.

Shopstyle Collective– This is also a good one to use, they are pay-per-click and mostly target fashion and home decor.

Flex Offers– This is also like Shareasale, pick your favorite stores to promote.

VigLink VigLink is an automatic affiliate locator that automatically links to sites they are familiar with, earning you money right off the bat! So for instance, you talk about something but forget to link it, and you are able to earn from someone buying it, Viglink will automatically link to it. This is also a WordPress plug-in!!

Deal Finders

Okay, so these are just places that I LOVE to promote and shop with. Most save me tons of money too.


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

I cannot refer Ebates to you enough. I wrote a post on this too. I use Ebates for any of my shopping online because I earn a percentage of cash back on everything I purchase. They have every store possible, and I get a check every month. Try it!

Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime are all great alternatives to cable. Quit spending a ton on cable when you can enjoy TV for way cheaper.
Shutterfly. I really love shutterfly. They have a ton of stuff and they always make my photos look awesome. They have a ton of promotions that go on through out the year and you can often get freebies through their email program. 
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