It’s summer! Kid’s are out of school, summer sports are in gear, and us Mama’s have no time to do ANYTHING. Amma right?!

I know that my summer is jam packed with stuff. Birthday parties, my Daughter’s travel softball team, vacations, AND full time work a long with part time work on my blog and trying to kick start my crafting biz…yes, I am starting up a crafting biz…more on that later. 🙂

So, one of my SAVING graces is Tailwind!!! This is seriously a god send to me and my blog. My Pinterest account has blown up too.

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One of my favorite things about Tailwind is to be able to schedule 5, 10, 20 or MORE pins at the SAME TIME, yep same time! Using the Tailwind Chrome Extension makes this SO easy. Once you download the Chrome Extension, you can save any image from any website to schedule for later. You will notice a little Tailwind logo when you hover your mouse over any photo on the internet. It’s pretty convenient, and fast.

The Beauty of Board Lists

You can make as many board lists as you want and post one pin to each board at the same time! Have you been adding the one pin to several boards one at a time? I used to and it was a PAIN in the arse. Now, under any of your pins you can choose to add to all your boards at the same time, if you want.

Tailwind Tribes are LIFE

Seriously, life. Tailwind tribes are like Pinterest group boards, but through Tailwind. You can join a Tribe and pin your pin to that board and get an extra audience in addition to everyone who follows your Pinterest. In your Tribes you can see how many pins you have pinned and how many have been re-pinned by others. BUT, be careful to read the board rules before pinning.

Pinning Schedule

Tailwind in SMART y’all. It will tell you the optimal times to pin your pins. It will allow you to put your pins in a spot it chooses for you (green) based off when you get the most viewers on your profile, or you can choose to pin it to your board on a time you feel is best. (white).

Spam Detector

Remember, Tailwind in SMART. It will detect Spam. On Pinterest, you can be flagged for spam content, and if you are, you risk having your profile temporarily shut down and who has time for that?! You may not even know they are spam just by looking at the pin. However, those spammed pins lead to fraudulent sites. With Tailwind, you no longer have to worry about that! If you saved a pin and contained spam, Tailwind will let you know. You can choose to fix the link or just delete them!

You Can use it for Instagram too!

Yes, Instagram. It will automatically post to your Instagram for you. To be honest, I am not too familiar with this feature yet, but from ones that use it, swear by it!! They state it has really helped boost their audience and sales!

Saving the Best for Last

So, are you interested yet? If I haven’t persuaded you yet..maybe I can get you to try it with a MONTH FREE trial. Yes, one month for FREE. You can try it out, see how ridiculously easy it is, and then decided to keep it! 😉 Joking aside, you can cancel any time. But, I have a feeling you will not be doing that, because in one month, your Pinterest and Blog will increase is traffic, I promise.  Try it Free HERE.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

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