One thing that I know for sure is I am like a lot of people in this world…I worry. I stress. I get anxious (really, just ask my Husband). And what do I stress about? Money. Yep, I do. Cat’s outta the bag.

I used to be free. You know, before a Husband. Before kid’s. Before responsibility. LOL. Yeah, it was hard to tame myself. Now, of course I wouldn’t trade what I have for anything, but what I have costs me money…and a lot of it.

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of my post. Money sucks, unless you have a lot of it. Bills suck. Just being a grown up sucks sometimes. But, there are ways to kind of sit back and just forget about money troubles sometimes, and that is what this is about.

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I have a stressful job. Parole Officer for the State of Texas. It’s high stress and not a lot of reward, as far as money goes. Lately, I have watched three people retire. Yep, and I am green with envy. One of these days, that will be me. But, for now, I am going to take a dose of my own medicine and just…be happy anyways.

  1. Quit chasing money, because if you do, it will never be enough.

Yes, you heard me, QUIT chasing money. Yes, it’s a means to survival for us, but really? If all we ever think about is that, then we will never have enough and that’s when greed sets in. Get paid, pay your essentials, and then quit stressing.

My Husband and I have seriously accumulated a HUGE amount of medical debt..but you know what? Lately I have just had to tell myself that they will get paid, may not be the amount they want at that time, but at least they are getting something. I refuse to stress over something that will work out in the end…maybe will take the rest of our lives to pay, but, it will eventually get paid.

2. The BEST things that you have or can have, are FREE.

What do I mean by this? Well, I mean pretty much everything that is important to you, are free.

Your relationship with your partner, children and other family are free. Time is precious, make the best of it while you have time, because that will not always be there. My favorite times with my family are holidays, vacations, and reunions! My family and friends are precious to me.

Your health, it’s FREE. Take care of that while you can as well, because one day…you will be old. Parts won’t work anymore, bones will be more fragile, and your mind may not be there. Take that for what it is. But, I like to eat and drink healthy if I can help it…but you know, I’m no angel. I still have my guilty pleasures. Oh, and wear your sunscreen!! Just sayin’.

3. Quit comparing your life to others’ lives, no one’s life compares to yours!

Yes, I am guilty of facebook stalking a lot of my old friends sometimes, scrolling through their pictures and thinking a bunch of things…you know like “man, she’s still pretty”, “they must have a ton of money to be traveling everywhere, lucky b***hes”, “i’m so jealous of their lives”. Yes, it happens, but where does that get you? It puts you in a position of regret, of resentment, and just has you feeling sorry for yourself.

In all reality though, your life is yours, no one else’s. Be happy, you’re doing great for yourself! You have a beautiful family and you are loved. Be grateful for what you have now, not what you hope to have. Besides, there are people looking at your profile too, drooling with envy of your life…best believe. Which brings me to..

4. Be Grateful and Happy with what you have

Of course, we all want the big fancy house and nice cars, but when we look at it that way, be forget what we actually have. Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have food on the table? If they answer is yes, then you already have a lot more then a lot of others. Be grateful for that.

When I see big ole houses and nice fancy yards, my first thought is “that’s a whole lotta money!” and it is, take more money for bigger things. I’d rather spend my money on better things such as traveling with my family and make memories.

5. Work hard, be honest, and love what you do.

I got into being a Parole Officer because I wanted to help people. And that is what I do. I help them get back into society. I help them be better members of the community. I help them get their lives back on track. Do I want to pull my hair out sometimes? Absolutely, but for the most part I love my job.

You know the saying, if you love what you do-you will never work a day in your life? It’s true. Do something that you love. If you’re in a job that is going nowhere and you absolutely HATE it, then get out of it and get into something you will like. Chances are, you will be better at it and others will likely appreciate that.

Be true and honest to you and others around you. That will go a long way, and others will see that.


There you have it. Little tips that I have learned over the years. I am not perfect. I still have a lot of stuff to work on, but these tips really help me sit back and reflect on my current situations. Makes me feel better. Gives me a little less stress and a whole lot more happiness! Try it out.


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